Help leaders
work better


The consulting offered

  • Consulting for the management and HR professionals to identify management development and organisational culture practices and strategies to facilitate behaviours consistent with the company mission, capable of strengthening leadership, improving the climate and, ultimately, favouring collective performance.
  • Executive Coaching for individuals or groups to understand their organisation from the perspective of interpersonal dynamics, in order to resolve disrupted situations and restore effective and crucial forms of cooperation.
  • Counseling for managers and professionals to assist them in the phases of their professional transition, as a way to support them in the re-consideration of their work and professional ambitions, whilst managing also the relevant emotional and affective aspects.

The approach offered

Consulting, Executive Coaching or Counseling solutions based on the awareness and experience of the needs and ways to act of people and organisations. The Consulting is intended for the company as an organisation and as a system. Coaching is intended for the relationship between people and organisational systems, whereas Counseling aims to examine in more depth the most personal aspects of one’s work. As this distinction is, say, arbitrary, in practice the three dimensions can overlap, and the approach agreed with the client may therefore apply specific interventions and operational modalities depending on objectives and context. Below are some typical approaches:

  • Analysis of the organisation through observation, questionnaires, or interviews
  • Use of state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices adjusted to the context and the situation
  • Workshops aimed at the elaboration of plans for improvement on specific contents suitable to the working context
  • On-the-job training events
  • Group learning cycles for the identification of innovative and consistent solutions
  • Outdoor or transversal or confining learning experiences
  • Reflection-focused dialogues to analyse in more depth one’s own consciousness and, therefore, one’s capacity to understand and take subsequent measures
  • Use of diagnostic tools for individual or collective understanding and awareness


  • The person is at the centre of the organisation, seen as a dynamic and inclusive system.
  • The ethics of work, sustainable economy, and ecology are essential aspects of the responsible interaction between man and the surrounding environment.
  • Companies are places where goods and services are generated, which create value, both for those who benefit from them, and for those who realise them. Value is expressed in company terms as profitability and in social terms as satisfaction of personal and collective needs.